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The artistic director of the troupe, Mr. Dinesh Perera, originated his routines from his specialty talent on top of heredity. The troupe’s iconographic performances are conceived with his imagination and pioneer choreography.

Mr.Dinesh Perera, he began dance lessons in early childhood, moreover got expertise in traditions and developed his own style that he found more natural. Dinesh Started his dancing career as a junior dancer under the guidance of Ms Mallika Jayathungaat a very tender age during his primary school days at the Ananda Sastralaya Kotte in 1983.

Just a year later, in 1984 he joined “Kala Bhumi” a cuitural institution run by the famous musicion Rohana Weerasinghe. After 4 years of full time intensive training under Guru Edward Perera, on 8th of August 1988 Dinesh graduated as a traditional Ves Dancer, obtaining the highest possible level of achievement in the traditional Kandyan dancing field. At the age of fifteen he was teaching others to dance, and remained a gifted and committed teacher throughout his life, possessing a very individualistic view on teaching, which has driven him to success.He continued with “Kala Bhumu” as a competent professional until 1993.

At the age of 19 he was start teaching others and start Choreography as a dancing director in Nippon Sri Lanka Educational & Cultural Center and starts to take the Sri Lankan dancing to the world with his fist tour in japan as a dancer, choreographer and dancing director in 1993. Dinesh toured Japan as a Dancing Instructor under the sponsorship of Nippon Sri Lanka Educational & Cultural Center Leading a 13 strong Dancers to that country. He toured 9 Japanese cities bringing high repute to Sri Lanka through their brilliant performances in every location.

July 1993 was an important milestone in his career when he Staged his own Dance concert named “Swarna Rekha” in the prestigious Jone De Silva Memorial Theater. Then he gets the opportunity to work with three leading dancing institutions, namely, “Budawatta Dance Troupe”, “Channa Upuli Performing Arts Foundation”, “Ravibandhu-Samanthi School of Dance” to serve as an eminent Dancer.

Being a professional, his travels to overseas simply increased his exposure and led him to be a cultural icon referenced by all sorts of media. He was allotted as the one of the leading dance of the foremost dance troupe at the Government National State Dance Ensemble Sri Lanka in 1998, where he Performed, noting the existence of both classic dance derivatives and a unique break away from the cultural norm of rigid tradition.

Today Dinesh is renowned internationally as an immense illustration of what a combination of hard work and raw talent can allocate one to accomplish.


Since 2000 The Sankha Ridma Dance Ensemble has been performing professionally with the vision of promoting the exotic traditional dances of Sri Lanka, differentiating themselves from other dance troupes, leveraging on the knowledge of traditional Sri Lankan classical and folk dance, fused with all kinds of Indian and contemporary dance genres.


Sankha Ridma Dance Ensemble possesses members with various cultural backgrounds and dancing skills, truly representing the multicultural ethnicity of Sri Lanka providing outstanding, reliable, confident and professional dancers to make any event irresistible. Carving a niche, the troupe’s wonderful performances have not only won the hearts of the audiences, but also facilitated and enhanced diplomatic relations between many countries and their cultures.


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