Drumming Classes: 5-6 pm

Lessons aim to teach fundamental techniques of several traditional drums from Sri-Lanka including the Kandyan drum (Gata bera), Lower country drum (Yak bera), Sabaragamuwa drum (Daula), Udakkiya and Thammattama..​​

Junior Classes: 6-7 pm 

Lessons aim to teach junior students the basics of kandyan dancing. Students learn pasaramba, godasaramba and progress to learn vannams. 

Advanced Classes: 7-8.30 pm

Lessons aim to teach senior students the three main types of classical dancing styles of Sri-Lanka. Students learn pasaramba, godasaramba and progress to learn vannams and vatams. In addition, these lessons are targetted to encourage creativity and equip students with the skills to choreograph traditional dances. The history and importance of Sri-Lankan classical dance which originated 2500 years ago is taught to students in its purest form.


Westmead Progress Hall

Corner of Priddle and Hassal Street
Westmead, NSW

Class Schedule

Classes are held every Sunday at Westmead Progress Hall.

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